Retail program leverages social responsibility by reforesting

Honest Tea wanted to create awareness of its product and to reinforce its commitment to social responsibility. For Earth Month 2011, it partnered with the National Forest Foundation to develop the “Bag to Tree Program” retail promotion targeting the reforestation of 50,000 trees.

Honest Tea offered consumers who bought four or more bottles of its product a free, reusable grocery bag and a redeemable code to plant a tree for free in a deforested region of their choosing. Honest Tea needed a shareable online platform where consumers could redeem their codes.
Undivided™ created the “Bag to Tree Program” microsite and mobile site, where consumers could enter their unique code, choose between five regions, and plant a tree by voting. The agency also created a QR code and placed it on POS displays that linked directly to the mobile site, which enabled users to vote to plant their tree while they were still in the store (to avoid failing to vote after the purchase). To encourage social buzz, Undivided programmed the site so that those who shared the campaign with their friends through social media or email were awarded with an additional vote. Each recipient was also given a code to plant a tree. In addition to helping promote the campaign, this encouraged social responsibility and showcased Honest Tea’s integrity in relation to consumers and the community that it serves.
The Honest Tea “Bag to Tree Program” continues to flourish and has so far enabled the planting of 6,000 new trees. Many of the votes were generated through the program’s sharing component, a sign that the creation of social buzz around the brand’s philosophy was effectively implemented.
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