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Marketo is the leader in marketing automation for organizations of any size and industry. However, the challenges of Marketo’s website reflected their success; as with many fast-growing startups, competing ad hoc designs had grown up on the same website. Multiple calls-to-action and messages diminished the user experience and diluted brand integrity. Moreover, the site reflected legacy SMB positioning—whereas Marketo was increasingly being recognized as the premier solution for enterprise and consumer brands. In order to resonate with its customers, Marketo’s online presence needed to reflect its leadership position, clearly delineate its offerings, and demonstrate their ability to scale across organizations of any size and industry.
Discovery sessions with key stakeholders led to audience personas, bringing a vivid portrait of Marketo’s target to life: fast-moving, solution-driven marketing executives who were drawn to simplicity, efficiency, and results. Undivided™ defined audience pain points to develop messaging and creative that would emotionally resonate with marketers looking to succeed in digital marketing. Bold visuals and intuitive UI were designed to fast-track users to answers and show Marketo’s leadership at every turn, while standing out from competitor sites. From custom-designed iconography to elegant content design, everything was created to serve and delight the prospective customers, regardless of their segment or marketing challenge.
    Within three months of launch, Marketo saw a 30% increase in conversion, driven by our intuitive design, messaging, and solution-oriented customer journey. Our success was also driven by our ability to ensure alignment throughout the organization, which created a win for the marketing team with executive leadership. As a result, Marketo recently reengaged Undivided for the redesign of their new applications-focused partner website, LaunchPoint.
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