More than a hospital.

A Health Center, A City, A Community. 
Saint John’s hospital is wholly unique. It is home to world-class physicians, internationally recognized institutes, and advanced research centers. It is also a local hospital serving a specific community on the westside of Los Angeles. Its reputation for patient care and deep empathy for people was born from its roots as a Catholic hospital. The challenge for the agency was to combine these unique aspects of the hospital into a single story; one that brought together the sense of place, optimism, humanity, and world-class care. After extensive research into the experiences of physicians, patients, and staff, a theme began to take shape. A story about how the ethos of the hospital can work to begin the healing process for patients. This sentiment became the core of the story and, ultimately, the campaign. Saint John’s is more than just a hospital, 
Thinking about things people don’t want to think about.
Hospitals and doctors aren’t something that people consider on a daily basis. Very often the decision on where go to receive care is made under duress. And it can be a process that feels cold and institutional. For the “A Place You Can Believe In” campaign, we recast Saint John’s as part of the fabric of the community. The doctors’ and nurses’ stories we brought to life in a variety of settings—in daily life, with their kids, and in the moments between care. The campaign was about what drives them and how they see their place within the community of care. They become more accessible—and that familiarity makes it possible to think about healthcare in a more hopeful light. It’s a campaign we’re proud of, not just because of the awards it won, but because of the good it did for everyone involved.
The campaign ran in digital and local media outlets. It was featured prominently in retail centers and outdoor venues throughout the westside or Los Angeles.
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