UNDIVIDED delivers simultaneous worldwide brand launch for Sitecore in 21 global offices.

The insight-driven brand expression reinvigorates the industry pioneer through visual impact and complex deliverables.

For over fifteen years, Sitecore has been a global leader in empowering marketers to own the customer experience. However, in recent years, Sitecore faced a new reality: the very segment they’d help create had grown noisy with competing voices. They needed to stand apart from the crowd.

They had the technology to do just that — a rich offering of content management, contextual intelligence, and omni-channel automation. And no one integrated these three disciplines into a single offering like Sitecore had with its “Context Marketing.” The opportunity was clear: reinvent the category once again, and define it according to Sitecore’s strengths. Unify their brand message into a new expression. And reinvigorate their worldwide offices with a new rallying cry.
    As we did our discovery, a key phrase kept recurring — Demand More. We seized upon it as our North Star. Demand More was more than compelling positioning; it cast a vision for employees, and announced a new moment of possibility to customers. To bring Demand More to life, we crafted a campaign that brought the three pillars of context, content and omni-channel to life. New headlines paid off the Demand More tagline. Overlapping designs symbolized how Sitecore is unifying a powerful set of tools. And the resulting set of brand guidelines enabled consistency in every touch-point.

    On the day of the launch, we orchestrated a worldwide, surprise, internal brand experience: When employees arrived to 21 different global offices, they were greeted with wall clings, banners, T-shirts and leave behinds that we had delivered and installed — all of which set up a webinar that cast a new vision for the brand.
    “Thanks to UNDIVIDED for all your great work in helping us to pull together a world-class showing. You all showed up when it mattered and helped us to make a concept become reality. It was a thrill, today, to deliver the campaign into the marketplace. On to the next big thing…”
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