A new brand platform and identity for the Berggruen Institute.

A dramatic new structure is taking shape in the hills above Santa Monica. The Berggruen Institute is a home for academics and experts to think through the challenges of governing in an age of transformation.

Nicolas Berggruen endowed the institution that bears his name with $500 million—and he gave them an ambitious goal: to think about the challenges of the changing world. From geopolitics to the global economy to cultural understanding between China and the West, the Berggruen Institute would be committed to deeply understanding what’s at stake for humanity in the face of epochal change. The Institute would create a one-of-a-kind secular monastery, where renowned scholars could live for extended research projects. Their thinking would manifest itself in projects with specific outcomes. Berggruen’s previous efforts lead to the forming of California’s rainy day fund. Their 21st Century Council brings together some of the greatest minds of our time, including former heads of state, entrepreneurs, and political thinkers to challenge the status quo and create new ideas to address global challenges. All of these efforts are amazing in and of themselves, the challenge for creating a new brand challenge for such an ambitious project was to define the parameters for the Institute, and provide focus for its efforts.
UNDIVIDED worked with senior leadership, partners, and influencers to codify the mission of the Institute and to bring it to life in a new brand platform. The result is “Ideas for a Changing World.” It is a tagline and platform that now informs everything the Institute does from publishing to programming. The new identity, the graphic “B” with the “I” as the center, came directly from that positioning. The composition represents a door, a portal, or a beacon through which the ideas will emerge.
Overall, the expression serves as a reminder that the inspiration for creating a new way of seeing the world isn’t easy to come by. It takes hard work, commitment and discipline. But the potential for a breakthrough, one that opens a new way forward, is enough to keep the pursuit urgent and the outcomes just ahead of us.
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