We’re in the alignment business

The one-to-one customer relationship is here. New platforms and technologies have created infinite opportunities to reach customers—but actually moving them is a different story. At Undivided™ we align people and brands by uncovering the highest aspirations that can be authentically shared by both. Whether itʼs developing an experience, campaign, or visual identity, or repositioning a brand, our work is designed to get everyone on the same page and bring power to the stories that actually move brands forward.

Reach for the Highest Hanging Fruit

Exceptional brands are well practiced at nurturing and sharing their aspirations with their customers. They tap into motivations that transcend the mundane, and in doing so, build more than a pipeline—they build relationships. We call this practice: Aspirational Intelligence™. Brands that practice Aspirational Intelligence get higher lifetime value from their customers, and ultimately, better business outcomes. Our process discovers and shapes the Aspirational Intelligence within your organization. It is designed to ensure that when brands and customers are reaching higher, everyone’s reaching in the same direction.

Insights make the work work

Articulating the highest aspirations that can be authentically shared between customers and brands starts by uncovering insights. At Undivided, we craft insights from live interactions and in-depth interviews, designed to discover the hidden aspirations of the brand stakeholders and customer alike. This process distills the most salient learnings into powerful, memorable truths that inspire extraordinary creative. When creative is built on shared aspirations, brands move beyond one-off transactions and build deeper, more profitable relationships.

OIC is now Undivided

“What makes people buy and what makes them tick are one in the same.”

Why Undivided?
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